Altair Technology Conference Greece 2024

September 27th, 2024
Grand Hyatt Athens, Greece

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September 27, 2024 09:00:00

Join us for the Greece ATC 2024

Building on the success of its inaugural event, the Greece Altair Technology Conference (ATC) returns for its second edition, to be held at the Grand Hyatt Athens. In today’s fast-paced technological world, the ATC Greece 2024 highlights the crucial roles of simulation, data analytics, and academic support for driving innovation and efficiency across industries.

Simulation enables risk-free experimentation and strategic planning, optimizing processes and enhancing competitiveness. Data analytics transforms raw data into actionable insights, driving data-driven decisions and uncovering new market opportunities. University support fosters collaboration, providing access to cutting-edge research, expertise, and skilled graduates, accelerating technological advancements. Together, these elements empower businesses to navigate complexities, innovate continuously, and achieve sustained growth and success.

This event is held in partnership with Altair’s official channel partner in Greece, Prosomoiono. Prosomoiono specializes in simulation technology, offering advanced solutions that enable companies to predict performance and optimize designs effectively.

Why Attend the Greece ATC?

Engineers, designers, and data scientists from all industries and engineering disciplines are invited to register for free and join over 100 industry peers to explore the latest digital design innovations, share ideas, and forge new connections.

  • Learn – Stay at the cutting edge of innovation by exploring the latest developments in simulation and AI technologies. Discover how leading companies are applying these advanced solutions to overcome real-world design challenges and drive efficiency and effectiveness in their operations.
  • Network – Celebrate the forefront of digital innovation with peers from a diverse range of industries. Share ideas, exchange knowledge, and build valuable new connections that could lead to future collaborations and opportunities.
  • Enjoy – Immerse yourself in a unique and inspiring venue at the Grand Hyatt Athens, Greece. Enjoy a day filled with insightful presentations and engaging discussions, complemented by complimentary lunch and refreshments, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable experience throughout the event.

Event Tracks

Simulation – Dive into the world of simulation, a powerful tool that allows engineers and designers to create and test virtual models, ensuring optimal performance and innovation. This segment will be presented and supported by our partner, Prosomoiono.

Data Analytics – Explore data analytics, where large sets of data are examined to uncover hidden patterns, correlations, and insights. This knowledge drives better decision-making and strategic planning. 

Academia – Collaborations between academia and industry, highlighted in dedicated track at the event, ensure scientific discoveries create real-world benefits. Engage with cutting-edge research and developments from academic institutions.

Sessions will be conducted in Greek language.


The agenda will be available soon.

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